Hossain Kamyab

Real Estate

About Hossain Kamyab

While Hossain Kamyab is currently a real estate investor based out of Vienna, VA, he boasts a varied career background that provides a unique perspective. After he finished his personal academic pursuits, Hossain spent time working as a university professor in the United Kingdom. After a relatively short period of time, Hossain decided it was time to move on from that role and shifted to working professionally in project management. Nevertheless, he is still passionate about education and enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge with the people around him.

Hossain Kamyab’s first step toward property and real estate work was actually constructing golf courses. This unique pursuit eventually grew and developed, shifting his focus away from the project management aspects and more to the design and development industry. In 1999, this line of work progressed into investing in and developing properties around London. This newfound interest changed the course of his career, leading to what is now over 20 years in the real estate industry and experience working in several different geographic areas spanning 12 countries. Hossain primarily works with residential properties, including large apartment complexes.

Many real estate investors purchase properties and outsource contractors to do any construction or development work they have planned. However, Hossain Kamyab and his team keep as much of their work in-house as possible. Hossain has been interested in interior design for over 30 years and loves the creative process of updating the aesthetics of his properties, from choosing color palettes to selecting updated lighting fixtures. He is proud of the projects he has worked on and continues to enjoy creating contemporary residential spaces. 

Regardless of what he is currently working on, Hossain Kamyab strives to use quality materials and appreciates well-designed products. He utilizes principles of value engineering to ensure he is producing high-quality results at an affordable cost. This allows him to keep his renovation budgets to a reasonable amount while also ensuring that future residents have a functional and beautiful home to enjoy. These values are evident throughout his projects, from the small design details to the larger-scale structural choices.

Outside of working on his current real estate investment properties, Hossain Kamyab is an avid football fan who also appreciates classic cars and good whiskey. True to his roots in the U.K., Manchester United is his favorite football team to follow. He is always up to date with their latest games and enjoys cheering them on whenever he has the opportunity.